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Taking care of your finances after getting a divorce in the US :PaydayLV

You may think that getting divorced has no apparent effect on your credit report and your overall finances, but that is not entirely true. Even if your marital status is not related to your credit, having a joint bank account with your ex-spouse as well as accustoming to a lower income may cause you to suffer and cause financial issues. But do not worry; here is a rundown on some of the things you should care about. Know the basics A divorce not only has an influence on the lives of the two...!

Easy meal planning tips for back to school on a budget :PaydayLV

It is that time of the year again, back to school season is back, and while we are excited to send your kids to school and settle down, especially after the pandemic, there is still a fair amount of chaos among parents to make sure you are prepared in terms of meal planning, here are top tips to help you better prepare for the season on a tight budget. Be prepared The most important step is to be prepared for your hectic schedule during the back-to-school season. It would help if you shoppe...!

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