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Payday Loans Online Same Day or Legitimate payday loans Las Vegas means borrowing quick money easily when in need. Emergency cash may be required, in case of a mis-happening.

Now there are different types of payday loans that you can apply for:

The most common among them is a 2 weeks payday loan. In this payday loan you have to return the borrowed amount within 14 days. If you’re borrowing over $500 it would make more sense if you can get more time to repay the amount.

In such a case you can choose to go for a 3 monthly payday loan where the borrowed amount will be divided into two three equal installments over 3 months. Using PaydayLV, Guaranteed payday loans no matter what direct lender service will help you in repaying your loan in time without having to sacrifice on other day to day expenses. Now you can also go for payday loans that stretch over a period of 180 days if you cannot spare more than $200 every month for your payday loan info. The rate of interest that will be applied on your borrowed amount will depend upon the kind of payday loan you choose and the amount you borrow.

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No Credit Check Loans

Now if you are somebody with a bad credit score you may be worried if you would get payday loan approval or not. Worry no more; because payday loan companies that offer 255.00 payday loans do not run a strict check on your credit history. They only require you to have a stable income so that you are able to return the loan in time. Even if you failed to fulfill the previous installment and pay for your previous loan and time you still can be eligible to take payday loans. Sometimes credit card companies forget about reporting your credit score even after you have repaid your outstanding amount. Such negligence on their part can prove fatal for your credit score.

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Can One Be Rejected For A Payday Loan?

When it comes to getting short-term loans of amounts up to $1000 nothing beats the payday loan services offered by vendors online and in retail. When faced with an urgent need for cash and no family member or friends to borrow from your best bet is to opt for a payday loan as long as you have a steady income. Payday loans are one of the fastest most convenient short-term lending services available in the United States. One can borrow small amounts of cash almost instantaneously without having to wait for long queues and form fillings that you have to go through when using a traditional bank.

Are Payday Loans Guaranteed?

Being approved for a payday loan isn’t by any means a guarantee. If you see a service online that guarantees payday loan applications that should be a red flag as that provider is likely, not trustworthy or credible. There are instances where a lender may deny lending you any money or reject your payday loan application. A major reason for this is generally due to having a bad credit score or too many negative points on your credit report. When applying for a payday loan credit checks aren’t a requirement but some lenders do use platforms to check credit history that doesn’t impact your score. If they see any red flags chances are your application may be rejected. However, is this the only reason why you may be rejected for a payday loan, or are there other reasons as well? Well, let’s find out.

9 Reasons Why You Are Being Rejected For A Payday Loan

To answer this question, we compiled a list of the nine most common reasons why one can be rejected for a payday loan.
  1. No Source Of Steady Income
According to the federal government payday lenders no longer have to verify an individual’s ability to pay before approving their payday loan application. However, lenders do require proof of income and customers also have to meet a set minimum income requirement (at least $1000/month) before they are approved for a payday loan. In some states, the lender also has to do affordability checks to further ensure a customer’s ability to pay back the loan. Also, if you don’t have a steady job or income that is being deposited into your bank account either bi-weekly or monthly your payday loan application is likely to be rejected.
  1. Failed Credit Check
Online lenders and even ‘cash advance’ stores that you see in most American neighborhoods will give out payday loans to individuals with bad or poor credit. Most payday lenders don’t conduct hard-credit checks and online most applications are processed automatically. However, they are times when a lender may choose to do a ‘soft credit check’ or look at your credit report when you apply. They do so using applications such as Veritec, in states like Florida, to ensure you are in a decent enough financial position to be able to pay it back.
  1. No Active Bank Account
If you don’t have an active bank account that is in good standing you are likely not going to get a payday loan application approved. While some lenders do offer cash loans they still require bank statements as proof that you can pay them back. Almost all lenders prefer transferring funds directly to a person’s bank account as they can easily withdraw that money when it’s due via pre-authorized debit.
  1. Bank Overdrafts
In some cases, a lender may ask to see copies of your latest bank statement. If your transaction history shows dishonored payments and overdrafts these can be red flags that can lead to a payday loan rejection.
  1. Employer Pays You In Cash
If your employer pays you in cash it is very difficult to verify that as income. As you are receiving cash and likely spending in cash, you aren’t leaving a transaction trail which is what lenders want to see. Those earning in cryptocurrency face a similar problem. As lenders don’t check crypto wallets and only check bank accounts they may deem you as being unable to pay even if you have a ton of money tied up in cryptocurrency.
  1. In The Past 7 Years, You Have Filed For Bankruptcy
If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years you may be considered high risk and as result denied a payday loan.
  1. You Are Not Of Legal Age
Different states have different legal minimum age limits when it comes to borrowing a payday loan. In most states, the legal age is 18. However, in states such as Alabama and Nebraska the legal age limit is set to 19 whereas in Mississippi it’s 21.
  1. You Aren’t A US Citizen Or Permanent Resident
If you are here in the United States on a student visa or a work visa you do not qualify for payday loans. These loans are only offered to US citizens or permanent residents. The reasoning behind this is that lenders don’t accept co-signer applications that help you by-pass residency requirements.
  1. Have Already Been Approved A Payday Loan
You can not have two payday loans taken out at once. In some states, this is illegal and even if it isn’t state law in others it is a policy that is practiced by the majority of lenders. Also, in some states, regulations are enforced regarding how quickly a person can apply for another payday loan. The ‘cooling off’ period as it is termed can be anywhere from 24 hours to one month depending on the state you live in. Final Thoughts It is important to remember that if your payday loan application has been rejected by one lender it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be rejected by all. Different lenders have different requirements or thresholds when it comes to short-term lending. It pays to shop around! A lender with looser requirements might just approve your application. You might also find better interest rates and lower fees by doing a little bit of research online as there are plenty of vendors competing for customers and a deal is never beyond reach!

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PaydayLV.com is one of the most trusted American resources for cash advances for many years. We have connected and continue to connect millions of consumers with reliable lenders. We are aware of a number of other similar channels through with a person can get an emergency loan,
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By deciding to use you are in fact doing what is known as comparison shopping from your personal computer. We help you to find the best rates, and loan in quickest and most convenient manner. Once you get to a regular cash advance shop the lenders know that you are not going to be willing to run through their application process and take the time to travel there to get yet another one.
Convenience and speed
If you currently have a bank account in addition to other personal information which is ready, the next step is to complete the application and then review exactly which lender is best for you to do business with. This is better than trying to look for a lender at random. With you can get your loan online from the comfort of your home.


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