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Many people rely on payday loans nearby when faced with financial emergencies. With the number of lenders increasing by the day, it is easy to get lost in the maze and even land in the hands of an undeserving and illegitimate company. There are many ways to take out a cheap and safe loan in your local area.


Interest Rates

Payday loans nearby can give quick access to cash. Before taking out the loan, understand how it works, and the interest rates charged. Lenders operate under strict laws set by the government to avoid irresponsible lending, and this means that you could be charged around 20 percent establishment fee and possibly four percent monthly fee. The interest rate will depend on the period and the amount borrowed. Also, compare the APR charged by different lenders.


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The Size

Studies show that about 30 percent of payday lending companies are a scam, while others overcharge borrowers. Most of these companies are based online and barely have offices. When looking for payday loans nearby, be sure the company does not appear shady by checking their website for services offered and the location.


A license is the quickest way to know you are dealing with a legitimate payday loan company. Every state has set rules that dictate how payday lenders should act. This means that your state is responsible for license issuance and ensuring each company adheres to the set rules. When unsure if the lending company you hope to borrow from is licensed, you can contact the office of your state’s attorney general or the Better Business Bureau.


Understand that most lenders try to avoid licenses for fear of abiding by the state laws. Unlicensed lenders tend to avoid laws that protect borrowers. They are also known to charge very high rates and impose high penalties not affordable to many people. Unlicensed lenders can also easily use personal consumer details to steal the identity. The personal details could aid in opening lines of credit under the name of the consumer. This could take the consumer many years to fix the damage caused on their credit reports. Licensing is an indication that the lender has been examined by the federal regulators and the business practices used are approved.

The Lender’s Reputation

Only work with reputable and reliable lenders. Are there any past complaints filed by former consumers? This can be found in reviews, Better Business Bureau, and friends. Reliable lenders tend to engage in sound advertising. They disclose their limitations, the condition of the loans, and repayment expectations. Omissions or errors made in the information given should lead you to worry about what else might arise as soon as you get the loan. Be sure the terms of the loan are clear, especially when considering a loan from an online lender.


Some lenders add incentives to their payday loans to make them look positive. In such loans, you are likely to see a presentation of limited credit checks and appealing terms. While such could be a good cause to borrow, they could be an indication of a disreputable lender. The payday loan you get should be presented to you in a written agreement in terms of the principle amount, due date, penalties for late payments, and recurring charges.

Just like is the case with other types of loans, consider your financial situation first before looking for payday loans nearby. How much do you plan to borrow and what are the loan terms the company is offering? Will the repayment be affordable for you?