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Urgent money need – Get fastest cash via Payday Loan


Payday loans simply work with the principle that we will lend you have nothing and you can pay us when you will get your salary. They are generally lent by the lenders except banks. They are meant to give the small cash for high rate of interest for paying their due expenses before people get their next salary.

Time period for is generally till the due date of your wages. People have to pay the debt on the next salary day. High rate of interest and sharing details of salary account with the lender compel to rely on them. Along with this the borrower gives other relevant bank details to the lender in order to let him get his payment directly from the bank. Sometime a lender get an advance check signed by the borrower so that there remains no reason to end up into less if the borrower fails to pay the debt on the next salary day.

People who generally fail to access other means of credit are eventually pleased with this loan service. It is the fastest way of getting the money in emergency calls. A borrower just need to fill an application form to apply for a loan and the loan is provided within 24 hrs. The cash amount usually vary from $100 to $1500 with APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 400 %.


1. Short-term delivery: – They are the fastest processed loans that are why they are also known as short term cash loans.

2. Best call for money needed in emergency: – Sometimes people do not have enough money to serve the emergency purposes. In such cases, this is the best call to get cash for urgent billings and payment of fees etc.

3. Legislative System: – State laws and other legislative rules protect you from inapplicable high rates of interests and being cheated.

4. Authorized access to details: – When you give your bank and identification details to loan lender, you do not need to worry about their security because lender cannot pass your details to any other company or firm.

5. Availability: – Payday agencies have full time availability to its customers through walk-in as well as online appearance.

6. No restrictions for spending cash: – The small cash borrowed by people from loan agents can be used for any purpose they wish to. There is no such restriction for spending that money.

7. Flexibility: – As these are easy to get and spend without any restrictions it adds up to their flexibility. Moreover you can easily return the loan on next salary.
8. Ease of service: – It is not possible for everyone to get bank loans or credit facilities provided by the bank. You can get your cash sometimes in less than an hour instead of waiting for many hours in bank, queues. Practically it is not good to waste time in big bank lines for little and emergency need of some cash.


• No FAX loans

In this type people generally apply online simply by filling out an application form. There is no need to send any fax and email to the lender. This type of lenders mostly does not check your credit history. No Fax loans can limit up to $1000 with APR 391% (approx.).

• Online loans


From service point of view, online service is the best. As the people can apply from anywhere just by internet access instead of walking personally to the loan agency.

Online loan’s limit is $200-$1000 and it lasts within the period of 14 days mostly.
If the borrower meet all the terms and conditions for the online cash advance then the online cash lender do not check the credit details. The main restriction for this loan is that the borrower has to pay the loan before next due date.

• Short term loans

“Why to wait more for less”

Payday loans serve you with fastest cash within the least time period that is 24 hrs. Once a borrower is done with filling and submission of application form, he can get his money on the next business day surely. The cash limit for this type is usually $1500 with 400% APR as per the legislative rules and state policy for short term loans.

• Low fee loan

“For low fee do not come with the bad credit.”

Low fee loan lenders generally charge low fee as compared to other agencies. They charge a finance fee instead of interest. But there is no service provided by them to borrowers having bad credit details or No credit check. Most of the cash lend in such cases lies in the range of $200-$500. It can take 1-5 business days for the money to be in your account via Low Fee loan. They are mainly applicable to citizens above 18 yrs.

• Military loan

Some loan agencies cater the military personnel only but some agencies have a branch lending money to armed force. There are very rules for this category. A borrower from military department who do not meet financial commitments can be subjected to court marshal, transfer or even discharge. Western union and wire transfer are the best services from military loan. Military personnel can usually borrow 40 % of the monthly take pay home, depending on one’s rank. The time period for the type of loan is generally set advance to the next paycheck but it can be extended on request with a new fee.

• No credit check loan

People having bad credit details can apply for No credit check loan. To be applicable for this you have to be 18 years old should have a job and minimum salary should be $1000. $1000 is the standard set for the cash to be lent in this category. Normally 14-day time period is set for No credit check loan but it can be extended to more than 14 days if you are unable to pay back the money.

There is no fixed rate of interest in this but for every $100 it may vary periodically from $10-$30. You can apply for multiple No credit check loans by paying high amount fee.

• No-Paper loan

No-Paper loans, as the name depicts do not need any written documentation from the borrower regarding proof of income or credit details. They are carried out online or on telephone. The average loan range is $200-$500 and the cash is delivered on next business day but the exact amount actually depends on your income. It is mostly advance on the next paycheck. A new time period for repayment is allotted if the borrower fails to repay the money to the lender. $25 is charged after every $100 lend. No-Paper loan do not perform the credit checks.