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Payday loans serve many purposes. Different people may use them for different financial needs. You may use them for something serious like a medical bill or a vehicle repair. Or some of you may use it for something simple like household expenses when you are in the lurch. Some people also use it for unexpected gifts parties etc. for which they have not planned earlier.



My cousin wanted a $2000 loan to pay fees for a course he wanted to take to get his life together. The problem was that he had lived his life somewhat on the edge before. He had taken some financially poor decisions, due to which his credit history was not good. Now that he wanted to fix things he was worried regular banks would not offer him a guaranteed personal loan because of his bad credit. The other option was to go to his parents. However, he was at that point in his life where he wanted to things on his own. So I suggested payday loans.

His first question was how his payday loan would get approved considering his past issues no matter what. I explained to him that payday lenders do not get into detailed credit check. As he would be doing a part-time job they will be more interested in his current source of income and whether he will be able to pay back what he has borrowed.



  1. Age of the applicant – this criterion can vary from state to state and can be from 18 years to 21 years. They will ask you for some identification proof.
  2. Proof of being a citizen of the United States or have permanent residency in the country.
  3. Proof of monthly and regular income. There is no guarantee that these lenders will not do a credit check, however, if you show them that you have a steady source of income most of them will approve your loan.

Apart from these, the lenders will also ask for some regular information related to address, email and phone number.

With this information, my cousin began to explore the possible lenders available. However there was another issue, he did not want to pay back the due amount all at once. So I suggested him to explore lenders who provide a repayment plan as easy monthly installments. On researching, we found there are many guaranteed payday loans no credit check lenders who can give you this option. Remember the longer you take to pay back the higher your due amount becomes, so try and take the installment option of a few months as possible. He found few lenders who guaranteed him the approval of a loan of $2000 and also gave him the option to payback as installments.

So as you see my cousin’s problem was solved, he was able to take the course of his choice. By the time the course ended he was able to pay back the borrowed money and start his life fresh. He got a new job within a few days after completion of his course and started doing much better.

The best part of this all was that as he was able to pay back his loan on time, his bad credit history was also changed. So instant online payday loans can also be used to change yourself from a bad credit to good credit candidate. All you need to do is find a legitimate lender that abides by the laws of the state and read the terms of the loan and you can help your current as well as future financial situation.