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In most states, payday loans are regulated by very strict rules. However, current laws are easier in this state. Perhaps only Nevada has such a soft policy in terms of payday loans. There are no restrictions on the amount of the loan (other than 25% of the gross monthly income) and the number of overdue loans, and there are no real limits on fees and interest rates. This article introduces the terms of payday loans in the state of Nevada:




Nevada Payday Loans Online



Terms of repayment


In Nevada, these loans are formally referred to as “overdue deposit loans” or “high-interest loans.” According to the state statute, payday lenders must obtain a high-interest lending license to operate in the state. The person must be licensed, regardless of where or how he uses such services. Including, at the kiosk, via the Internet, by any telephone, fax machine or other telecommunications device, or any other device, the difference is that one should not provide such services through any lending machine.

Amount of loans

There is no limit to the amount that lenders can repay to their customers. If the customer provides evidence of their gross monthly income to the lender and commits to repaying the loan every month, the licensee who uses the high-interest loan services must not violate the provisions of the law.

Payday loans are legal in Nevada. Nevada has no restrictions on the payment of loans offered. The maximum loan term is 35 days. There is no limit to interest rates, however, the loan amount should not exceed 25% of gross monthly income.

Rates and other fees

There is no limit on interest rates or financial costs. According to the Center for Responsible Lending 2019, Real APR for payday loans in Nevada can reach 625%

Maximum repayment period

Except as noted above, the principal repayment period of a high-interest loan should not exceed 35 days. Extension of the loan is prohibited for periods longer than 60 days after the end of the initial period (90 days are not allowed for the extension of the loan for 90-day loan installments).

Pay attention to consumer credit

From July 2020, lenders are not required to check the borrower’s creditworthiness and ability to repay the loan. The NSF fee for the first two checks is set at $ 25 by state law. On the other hand, Criminal proceedings should be carried out in cases where it is proven that the applicant never intended to repay payday loan. One of the things to avoid in Nevada is not getting a loan. As mentioned, in this case, the interest rate goes up to the sky. Certainly, the government takes sufficient measures to protect borrowers from harassment and intimidation of lenders, and there are special regulations in this regard.

Also, payday lenders must determine the reasonable ability of the lender to repay the loan. In particular, lenders must consider the borrower’s expected income, employment status, credit history, and other factors against the terms of the loan. Lenders may not consider the ability of other persons, to repay the loan. The vehicle must be legally owned by the borrower, and if the vehicle has more than one legal owner, lenders cannot use that vehicle to issue a title loan.

Number of stores by cities

In this section, the number of branches in different cities of this state is presented separately.

  • Las Vegas (69),
  • Henderson (10), Reno (9), North Las Vegas (6) & Sparks (6)
  • Carson City and Fallon (4)
  • Laughlin, Mesquite, Pahrump, Sun Valley, Winnemucca, Zephyr Cove, Dayton, Elko, Fernley (1)


High-interest loans are usually limited to 35 days. But when the loan is an installment loan, it can be repaid for up to 90 days. Borrowers are entitled to a 90-day extension payment plan, but the lender cannot receive any additional interest or fees for the borrower to enter an extended payment plan.

The repayment period should usually not exceed 30 days. But in some cases, the loan may be repaid for 210 days. In these cases, the lender may not extend the loan for a longer period. In all cases, the lender must provide a repayment plan for the borrowers who denounce their loan. The lender may not charge the borrower any additional interest or fees for entering the repayment plan.