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On a money crunch? These inexpensive yet thoughtful gift ideas will surely help you out.

After a year-long struggle with covid and so many nuances happening around us, the holiday season is finally among us. Chances are, you have to buy a lot of gifts this year. Now, of course, buying small gifts for your family and friends is a beautiful feeling and a lovely gesture. But, the problem is your wallet is not that thrilled about the idea. And that is okay, we understand, and good news for you we have compiled a list of 20 fantastic gift ideas that will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face; without giving your wallet a heart attack.

On a money crunch? These inexpensive yet thoughtful gift ideas will surely help you out.

Personalized pet locket

For any pet lover, this is going to be the best gift they receive all year. You can buy them a pendant or locket with a picture of their cat, or you can give their cat a locket with their face engraved on them. Pet owners love any gift that has something to do with their pet.

A magazine subscription

Call it old-fashioned, but many people who love to read will appreciate your thoughtful gift of their favorite magazine.

Kitchen/baking tools

Everyone has a friend or colleague who loves to cook or bake on special occasions. Why don’t you show your appreciation and give them an incredible gift they will cherish and use.

Chair pillow

We all have a nerd friend or office colleague who spends most of his day sitting at his desk, working tirelessly. This holiday season shows him some love with a thoughtful pillow.

A box of chocolate

If I have to guess one gift that never returned, I will bet my money on chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, and it can be an excellent way to show love to your wife or girlfriend or even both if that’s how you roll. But, joke apart, be mindful that the person has no medical condition like diabetes, or this thoughtful gift can become a health hazard for him. Also, avoid chocolates with nuts; some people are highly allergic to them.

A COVID-19 care kit

If you have any friends working as a front line or essential worker, how beautiful and thoughtful will it be to give them a complete covid 19 care kit. It will keep them protected, and they will appreciate your love.

A copy of their favorite show

My friends and family know how big of a fan I am of the sitcom “Friends.” Anything that has to do with friends is something I will closely cherish. If you know your friend’s favorite show, you can surprise him with a copy of something related to the show.

An airtag

We all have a friend obsessed with tech, or apple products in particular—until recently, getting anything from Apple would cost you well over a couple of hundred dollars. But Apple recently released an air tag that helps find your lost devices. So, for just under $30, you can give your loved one an apple air tag, so they don’t lose their wallet or keychain again.

Custom phone case

On the same note as sticking to the tech theme, a customized phone case can be a great and thoughtful gift. But make sure you are confident that they are not going to upgrade their phone in recent times and the exact model number of the phone. Don’t just assume a slight model variation will cause the cover not to fit the phone.

Personalized mug

Any coffee lover will cherish getting a customized coffee mug with something personal engraved in it.

Bubble bath

Everyone deserves a pamper from time to time. What better than to give your love a bubble bath kit. They will surely enjoy it and have a fantastic time with it.

Skincare for winter

Skincare is another crucial aspect, especially during the time of Christmas when it is relatively cold outside. Show some love with a skincare kit for your loved one. Bonus point for knowing the skin type, not all skin is the same. Dry, regular, and sensitive. All require different care, so better if you have an idea; otherwise, choose something else from the list. Skincare comes at a wide range of prices; we recommend picking something cheap after all, you have a budget to meet.

DIY gift

I left out the best for last. DIY gifts ( also known as do-it-yourself gifts) are the best types of gifts there are. First, they cost you hardly anything as you make them yourself. Next, they show extreme personalization and affection for whom you are willing to dedicate the time and effort to make the gift. There are many DIY ideas for you to choose from. Some of our favorites are

Scrapbook: You personalize pictures and images from different major life events and make a compilation of them. Scrapbook takes a bit of preparation to make, and you should plan a few months if you want to do it.

Mini coster: If you need to do something urgently, a mini coster can be a great idea. You can easily customize it with no experience of DIY gifts at all.

Photo Puzzle: A puzzle can be an excellent gift for any age. You can make a customized photo turned into a puzzle. This can be a great fun activity during the holiday season as well as a thoughtful gift. Who doesn’t love to have their picture the center of all attention?



These are some of the most loved and inexpensive gift ideas we have for you. Now we do understand, no matter how cheap they are, it may still put a bit of strain on your finances. So here is one final bonus tip for you, consider applying for an inexpensive payday loan online. You can get a payday loan from PaydayLV in under an hour with no credit check at all. You can pay off the loan from your next paycheck for a minimal fee.

That’s it; you are now ready and prepared to bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones as nothing is worth more than seeing them happy. Let us know which gift idea you liked the most or suggest an idea of your own; we can’t wait to hear from you.