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Loan origination fee would be the fees inclusive of a certain percentage of the amount of loan : PaydayLV


It is not obscured to anyone indulging in the process of  getting a loan or lending a loan, that specified and mandatory charges are levied upon various types of services provided by the personnel in charge. What is an origination fee? The word although appears simplified, in execution it is a complex process.

A subtle definition of Loan origination fee would be the fees inclusive of a certain percentage of the amount of loan, to be paid to the lender in order to cover the processing costs of the loan. To elaborate, it is covering the customer services provided by the lender after the application is submitted. It is the duty of a loan officer to keep you update with the process, the proceedings as well as the requirement of necessary and additional information.


Loan origination term refers to the initiation and the completion of the home loan process which begins after the submission of loan application, which after the delivery of certain documentations and proofs by the borrower leads to underwriting of the loan, which may be either approval suspension or declining the loan.

The origination fees cover several different tasks performed by the lender for security of your loan which always and every time includes verification of your background financial information and cross referencing. This leads to your pre-qualification for the loan. These fees can be associated with application charges, processing charges or underwriting fees listed individually or they can be bundled into one fee.


The origination fee is determined by the loan originators and the lenders. They can be a loan officer or a broker. As each lending party has a different set of norms and regulations so the fee is also decided on different criterion. Most basically the borrowers credit scores, credit history and co-signers if any, are regarded as important information. Other factors related to the loan like reason for applying the loan, the tenure of the loan and the size of the payment demanded are also kept in mind while deciding the loan origination fee.

This fee may not be charged by all the mortgage lenders and is actually a commission a borrower gives to the loan officer or a mortgage broker when your mortgage is fund.


The most usual fee is 1% of the loan amount however the average loan origination fee ranges from 1% to 6% and can go as high as 8% a typical loan origination fee for a mortgage ranges from 0.5% to 1% of the loan.

Further depending upon the complications of the loan, the type of the loan ,size of the home loan and most significantly the bankers or the brokers or the loan officer you are dealing with, the fee charged may be higher or lower. This fees is also considered negotiable. Sometimes one may also find that do the loan origination fees is not charged. But in the form of closing costs like underwriting and processing which may amount to a comparable fee, is charged from the borrower.


To quote an example if the loan amount is $100,000 and registration fees is 5% the payment options may include:

  • Adding the fee to the loan so that the total loan amount is now$ 105,000
  • Eliminating the fee amount that is $5000 from the total loan amount like making it $95,000.
  • Upfront payment of the fees, which is associated with the fact that legitimately all the charges are paid to the lender after the approval of the loan and any payments you made before the grant of the loan are scams.


Sometimes origination fee is also referred to as mortgage points although they are not necessarily the same. Origination fee is simply a representation of the commission to the loan officer while mortgage points add extra fees also called as discount points which can be imposed for other reasons like lowering the interest rate in addition to the origination fees. Points may also include the origination fee charged as commission.

Junk fee:

Loan origination fee is also not junk fee. They are the actual commissions paid out for assisting the borrower in getting a loan. The picture behind is that they may or may not be charged directly by the lender. As it is most commonly a fixed percentage it is not tailored.


The fee amount charged as registration fee cannot be avoided but some lenders advertise that they have no origination fee attached to them. Peculiarly they may try to cover the fee charges in other factors covering the cost of the loan process. While making comparisons for origination fees and whether it is included or not included in the APR, having an excellent credit can make you less vulnerable to the implementation of this fee. However, the lenders are quite skilled in their method of implementing the origination fees.


Although origination fee is just an added cost to your loan but they’re worth paying if you want to lower monthly payment or the loan is for a long period, allowing for repayment. In case your credit is not stellar, the fees may be necessary. Therefore actually the origination fee is security of the loan and benefits the borrower in the long run.


Since the origination fee is percentage based, the smaller loan amounts have higher fees ,for adequate payment of the originators. With regard to Qualified mortgages a higher, 5% max fee is allowed for loan amounts between $20,000 and $60,000.

 Most upfront banks and brokers charge no more than one to 2% of the loan amount. Either way, all the lender fees that are being charged must always be completely delineated on the loan estimate and closing disclosure and must always be related to the APR.


Although now it is vivid that loan originators will definitely charge the borrower for covering the cost of the loan process, not at the front end apparently, back-end charges are going to be definitive. Borrowers must also keep a track of their credit score and maintaining excellent credit status. Loan origination fee is fixed, borrower can be tempted to try to negotiate the fee and ensure looking around for the appropriate lenders.