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Most Common Things People Waste Money on : Payday LV

Life has not been easy, and during the pandemic, we all realized spending less money to buildup on our savings. But to do that, you must be willing to cut down on your expenses as a lot of times we spend money on things we don’t need. In this article, we will look into the most common ways we waste money without realizing it.

Most Common Things People Waste Money on - PaydayLV

Paying insurance, you may no longer need:

We always emphasize the importance of getting insurance as it can save you from potential life-threatening events. Life is unpredictable, and it is not unlikely that you may face situations that you are not prepared for, and insurance can help you financially in this regard. But there is much insurance that we take that no longer has any monetary value to us. A classic example can be travel insurance during the time of pandemics.

Some other insurance that you may think about is collision insurance for an old car. Do you really care to keep paying for collision insurance for that old car? Think about it.

Children’s life insurance is also a type of insurance we will suggest you avoid; they usually have no assets. The money you pay on their insurance can be better spent by opening a 529 saving account. This will ensure the safety of children during any emergencies.

Subscription services:

One of the most significant expenses that we take for granted is subscriptions fees. They are easy to dismiss being a small amount or fee for great convenience and recreation. But we often disregard that these payments are recurring, meaning you pay them constantly throughout the lifetime you use that service. So a recurring payment of $15 for Spotify may seem nothing much, but when you factor in that, on average, an American pays $273 per month on subscription, you quickly realize that is more than $3200 annually. We would highly encourage you to use cut down on your expenses on subscriptions.

Meal services that offer fresh health meals at your doorsteps for subscriptions are definitely a welcoming idea. But ask yourself the value it adds and if you can do the same thing by shopping in bulk from your local store.

We are not asking you to cut down all your expenses on subscriptions; some like Netflix or amazon prime may offer value to you as they allow for fantastic family times but understand your priorities and budget your subscriptions accordingly.

Gym Membership

There is something with a gym membership that always fascinates me. If you are a fan of the famous sitcom “Friends”, you will know how difficult it can be to cancel a gym membership. On a serious note, there is no problem having a gym membership if you use it, but more often than not, we just get the membership and do not use it for the rest of the year. This is mostly our mindset during the new years when we are all pumped up and motivated about what’s next tome come. New year new me, and I often start hitting the gyms. Fun fact, gyms have the most visitors on the 1st of January. But soon after, reality kicks in, and we start missing leg days.

The gym is definitely a good investment if you actually use it, so better than taking an annual membership, try for a month and see if you like it. You can also invest in-home setup, a yoga mate few weights, and a resistance band that can go a long way. If you have a partner, we would highly recommend this option overpaying for a gym membership.

Convenience Food

Isn’t it easy to order food from a restaurant or buy frozen instant food that you can just warm and eat? Of course, it is, but have you ever realized the amount of money you can save for giving up on this convenience? On average, people spend anywhere between $50 – $150 for store-bought foods.

Instead, we would recommend you to make your own meals. They are both good for health and cost significantly lower than store-bought foods. But if you just can not live without some snakes and tasty treats, try buying them in bulk to save on some cash.

Paying for simple repairs

There was a time when we needed small repairs or home improvements, and our dads would come to the rescue and save the day. Many of us are no longer lucky to have the same privilege. Due to our busy schedule or ignorance, whatever it is, many of us haven’t been able to learn the basic repairs or improvements that are necessary. We live in an era where information is easily accessible. You can learn anything from youtube, and simple repairs are no exceptions. Before you call the field nation guy or take your car to the mechanic, first try to understand what went wrong. Maybe it is a simple upgrade that you can easily change yourself and do not require professional help. Even if you can not solve the problem altogether, understanding the problem will help you better negotiate, and the people will know that you are not a novice and know your thing.

Buying things at regular price

At the age of the internet, when buying and comparing between products is just a matter of clicks, it is an absolute crime to pay full price for everyday items. There are offers and deal around the internet during special occasions and saving up for them is a great idea. You can buy things in bulk and save on price; using used products can also be a great way to cut your expenses. Many websites like honey can help you get the best deals on any product you search for.


Saving money is equivalent to earning money. So, whenever you can, try saving by cutting down on your expenses. But even then, we may need urgent cash for different emergencies. We at PaydayLv offer guaranteed payday loans with no credit check; these loans are easy to apply for and get approved of. They require no collateral to be pledged, and anyone with proof of stable income can apply. PaydayLv offers online payday loans, and you can check eligibility and rates on our website.