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Payday loans are available in other cities in USA including Rhode Island. It is legal to take payday loans in Rhode Island but just like other cities in USA, laws governing Rhode Island also apply. As per the Rhode Island State laws states that borrowers cannot take a loan over $500. The minimum time period to return this loan is 13 days but no such maximum loan time is listed. The lenders can charge a rate of interest of 10% which mean an amount of $10 is paid on $100 after a period of 13 days.


Another $15 is to be paid for any delays in repaying the loan amount. Also a lender cannot charge more than 260% on a loan of 100 dollars allotted for 14 days time. It is important that you know the rules and laws applicable on your loan. This helps in keeping malpractices in check.

The laws governing payday loans in Rhode Island are made to protect the borrowers against unjust practices of lenders. The government of Rhode Island states that there is a limit on the number of times a person can take loan every year. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 loans of $500 can be taken by any borrower in a year. Also he is allowed to have one roll over loan.

The lenders also have their rate of interest and fee schedule posted in their offices. This is mandatory for lenders so that customers know clearly how much they have to pay at the end of the term. If you are applying for a loan online you must call the customer care or read their documents carefully as it will state the loan amount, date of returning the amount, rate of interest applied as well as the total amount payable after a period of 2 weeks clearly. The government has made it mandatory for all the lenders to intimate the customers about rate of interest and amount to be paid on 14th day.





Payday loans are available in Rhode Island




The loan is assigned after signing a contract between borrower and the lender so that things become legal and lenders have less probability of cheating or charging more. Loans are easy way to sort out immediate necessities.

There are reasons and chances when people require immediate cash to fulfill their emergencies. Bank loans are lengthy and can’t be availed that quickly. That is why people turn towards payday loans and make best use of them. If you are thinking of choosing payday loans, it is essential that you read the laws carefully and abide by them. Taking payday loans is easy but when it comes to returning them on time, many people fail and end up paying much more than what they actually borrowed. Therefore evaluating your budget, salary and income source is vital so that you can return them on time and do not become a prey to debt traps. Government has applied stringent rules to help borrowers enjoy the benefits of payday loans and ensure less people going for rollover loans.