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Have you ever thought of applying for payday loans to meet any unforeseen financial obligation? Payday loans can be simply defined as short term unsecured loans that one can avail instantly. Every day one can see advertisements in print as well as electronic media about payday loans. However, just as attractive and easy it appears to get payday loans; it is equally difficult to repay them back within a set time frame. And just as a coin has two sides, so does payday loans. Meanwhile, one can find a number of money lending companies that provide instant cash.



1. The borrower must be at least 18 years of age.
2. He/she must have a regular source of income.
3. He/she must have been working in a company since at least six months.
4. The borrower must be a citizen of the country, where he is applying for payday loans.
5. He/she must have a working bank account.

While applying for these short term loans, a borrower has to submit an application form, either online or in person. Along with the form, the borrower also has to submit xerox copies of photo ID proof, salary slip, bank account pass book, age proof, and some other vital documents. After the form is submitted, it goes for verification. If the manager approves your application, the loan amount gets debited into the borrower’s account within maximum 48 hours. It is undoubtedly very easy to apply for payday loans.


payday loans alternatives online



As discussed, payday loans have two sides, just like a coin, meaning they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages as well. Some of the benefits that payday loans offer are listed below:

1. They are easy to get as no formalities are to be completed.
2. One can get instant cash within 24 to 48 hours.
3. The process to apply for payday loans is simple and uncomplicated.
4. Even if a borrower has bad credit history, he/she can still apply for payday loans.
5. There are several payday loan lending companies that one can find in vicinity.
Some notable disadvantages of payday loans are:
1. High rate of interest is charged on payday loans, which makes the debt amount really high.
2. Money lending companies also charge additional charges.
3. If a person fails to pay back the loan on due date, the debt amount gets more than double, thereby making it more difficult for the borrower to pay back the debt. This makes a vicious circle, in which a borrower gets caught.
4. Maximum time for which a person can enjoy benefits of payday loans is 1 month. This is because payday loans are available for a time period that various between 15 to 30 days.

It is always advisable to apply for cash advance loans only when a person doesn’t have any other option to go for. Before applying for these short term loans, one can consider alternatives and then take a wise decision accordingly. There are some really prominent payday loan alternatives that can help a person in fulfilling immediate financial requirement without being worried about paying the debt with high rate of interest.



Some of the payday loans alternatives are listed below:

1. Asking for financial help from friends or relatives- This is the first and foremost step that a person must consider to fulfill his/her immediate financial needs. Asking for financial help from close friends or relatives is not a bad idea as they would neither say no nor charge high rate of interest.
2. Asking bank to provide overdraft facility- Another option is that you can ask your bank manager to provide you bank overdraft. This means that if you get a bank overdraft for Rs 25,000, you can withdraw the amount anytime you want. A very little amount of interest is charged on bank OD. This would not only help you in making ends meet but also save you from feeling embarrassed.
3. Take counseling session- If you feel that you fail to manage your budget effectively and efficiently, this is the right time to go for counseling sessions. There are highly skilled and experienced counselors who can help you in allocating funds efficiently and using your salary in a way that you can also save some amount.
4. Ask for advance salary from boss- If you feel that one month’s advance salary can save you, you can ask your boss to provide financial assistance. This payday loans alternative is effective as it would save you from loan and also give you motivation to work harder. You can opt for this alternative only if you feel that you boss would understand your circumstances.
5. Opt for a part time job- Another best payday loans alternative that can help you from feeling embarrassed is that you can look out for a part time job and ear some extra bucks to fulfill your financial needs. You can also choose to do freelancing after your office and earn extra money.
6. Approach society’s community- One can also opt for financial help from society’s community. There are many small communities that provide loan at a very minimal rate of interest. All you have to do is find a reliable community and ask them for help.

One must always look for other options other than just going for payday loans, which seem really attractive and easy in advertisements. One can get trapped in a vicious circle of debt if he/she fails to pay the loan amount back in time. The above listed payday loans alternatives can always be kept in mind to stay away from paying high rate of interest on debt. But if you feel that availing payday loans is the only option left with you then consider the eligibility criteria before approaching any money lending company. All the vital documents must also be kept in place so that you don’t face any problem at the time of submitting application.





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