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Facing financial crisis is not a big issue these days. It has become very obvious matter in this advanced era. World is moving on at great pace along with technology. Developing technology has enhanced living style of people at much higher levels. Techno geeks are now only talking in terms of technology. Behind this very development what is involved is money. In short everything is affecting financial status of a person and indirectly a nation. That’s why people are fighting with money problems everyday although employment rate has been increased. But even it has become very difficult to deal with monthly expenses with one time salary. Thus the housekeeper has to move out to borrow immediate cash.

Online payday loan – a real time online short term cash solution

In urgent circumstances payday loans act as blessing to people facing imperious cash problems. They offer instant cash within one business day at APR of approximately 300 percent. The borrower has to pay back loan money along with calculated interest rate to the lender before next salary day. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for an individual to pay back wholesome in one time.



Installment Loans – A beneficial Payday Loan scheme

To keep borrowers stress free from one time repayment, payday loans have started installment scheme. Under this plan, total pay back is divided into small portions. These portions are known as installments. A borrower is supposed to pay back one installment per month. In this he can stay away from one time debt.

A borrower is completely to pay back whole amount under this plan in on time payment if he can. He will not be charged anything extra for this. Repayment period is decided by lender according to borrower’s comfort. If borrower fails to payback whole amount then he can be legally penalized. His credit score will also be affected very badly.

They are borrowed by simple online process. An applicant just needs to spend ten minutes to fill and submit online application form along with his personal details a bank account number. If applicant meets eligibility criterion, his loan application will be sanctioned immediately and cash will be transferred within few hours.

Eligibility Criteria

– Any person who wants to borrow installment loan, he has to meet this eligibility criterion to get instant cash.

1. An applicant should be 19 years old.

2. He should be USA citizen.

3. He should be working under same employer since last three months and should be earning at least $1000 per month in order to ensure repayment to his lender.

4. Most importantly he should have a working bank account in any USA bank because every little to bog cash transaction in whole loan processing will be carried out through this bank account number.

Bad Credit Problem?

Having bad credit is not an issue when it comes to borrowing installment loans USA. Payday loans understand financial problems of their customers so they do not perform any credit check. Special installments loans are lend under bad credit category to such people. They come in following two forms: –

1. Secured Loans: – Under this category, a borrower is demanded to pledge any kind of collateral in order to get instant cash. This collateral can be some property or any other monetary asset. The borrower can get this collateral freed after paying back whole loan amount along with calculated interest rate to the lender. Interest rate in these loans is same as traditional payday loans.

2. Unsecured Loans: – In these loans, borrower does not need to pledge any collateral. Rather he is lent loan on high interest rate. Thus they are good for that person who is sure enough that he can pay back whole money along with interest amount in time

“Bad credit or zero credit in not an obstacle to borrow installment loans”

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