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Not every day is a happy day. There are some days when nothing goes right. These days are hated by everyone. So this same day occurred to a friend of mine, it was during the last week of the month when his parked car got a ticket as it was not in the right spot. He was really pissed but had to pay for the mistake he made.  Then later in the day his same car was hit from behind, luckily no one was hurt. His new car which was on installments was hit by another car, he definitely had insurance on it but that wasn’t enough to make his mood right.


Towards the end of the night, he realized that his wallet was stolen. All the things added not only financial troubles for him for the upcoming days but mentally he felt exhausted too. His next salary check was more than a week away and he had no cash or atm’s at hand.

He then went to apply for payday loan. He was surprised when all things were unfavorable, he got cash advance in matter of minutes. All he had to do was apply for it online. Well cash advance is a short term loan that you can take from a lender and it needs to be repaid in 2 weeks time.



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The money is given as an advance and interest rate is applied on it. The documents that come along with loan mention clearly its term and the amount that you must repay after the term of loan is complete. There are different state rules that govern payday loans in your city.

If you are applying it for the first time then you must qualify certain criteria which will make it easier for the lender to sanction the loan to you.  The borrower must be at least 18 years of age, as per the US regulations. He must have a regular job and should be able to repay the amount with interest added.

There are many states that don’t allow the practice of payday lending in USA. It is essential to read and understand the state laws governing payday lending in your state before applying for one. The rate of interest also changes from one state to another, in some cities people pay less rate of interest whereas in others they pay more.

Lately the government has become really strict with the payday lending procedure; they not only have made stringent laws for the lenders but also prohibit defaulters from taking payday loans.

The government now demands for prior checking of borrower’s ability to repay the amount fully. The lenders must calculate the expenditure of the borrower, his expenses and other expenditures before lending him money. This helps in saving in lenders money and keeps borrowers from falling in the debt trap.

If you are thinking of taking a cash advance or have been using it to manage your finances and debts then you must ensure that you are in a position to repay the loan well in time along with the interest applied.





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