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Today we live in the financial world were one negative mark or a past-due bill payment can affect your credit report for a lifetime. In case, you are also juggling with bills to pay and this is just the beginning of the month, then it can be tempting to skip past at least one of them. But, then you will have to pay a penalty or a late fee. Is that the price you are willing to pay? Fortunately, you don’t have to get a negative mark on your credit score. You can learn a plethora of financial strategies and implement the best one on your current financial situation to get out of the crises. Needless to say, some platforms offer a cash advance online on same day, but missing a payment may give a financial tag that you don’t want.






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Millions of people living in the US and outside do not know about their credit score and how to maintain it. Often they end up negatively impacting their financial score. The cause of this effect is always the negative financial behavior of the individuals. This damage can take quite a long time to fix.


The credit score works like a report card of a school student, it gives you a letter grade for your trustworthiness as a borrower. Next, this serves as the base of the information which helps banks and other lenders to keep track of your payment history. So next time you go for an online payday loan make sure to build up a strategy to pay it back within the scheduled time limit. Believe it or not! You have three different credit reports:-

  1. Experian
  2. TransUnion
  3. Equifax

The original credit score was created by the Fair, Isaac, and Company in 1989 it was called a FICO score. Your fico score is measured on the scale from 300-850; this means the higher the FICO score, the better your creditworthiness. FICO score is one of the most common types of credit score system.


35% – Payment History: So paying your bills on time is essential, it is a matter of fact that your payment history is the simple most important factor.

30% – Amount Owned: How much debt you own? Do you own a secured debt or an unsecured debt? Do you face trouble in making payment? All of the mentioned factors contribute to this section of the credit score system.

15% – Length of credit history: It is better to have a long history of responsible credit than a short one with a lot of delayed payments.

10% – Credit Mix: The more diverse mix, for example, personal loans vs. credit vs. payday loans.

10% – Recent Credit Inquiries: On a request you can get additional credits that can result in hard credit pull – this score gets affected if you make many required in a shorter period.

Your good financial rapport is essential as it will help you keep a healthy credit score. A credit report contains a variety of information drawn from lenders, landlords, and other financial companies. Sometimes your public record is also looked upon when it comes to scoring. Remember even with a ton of good remarks one bad remark can negatively impact your credit score.


By this time you know that your credit score is affected by a variety of factor that includes both positive and negative information. It is highly recommended to keep the positive factor on the go, in other words, you can apply for credit much time give you pay back the amount on time. You can use credit cards or get a $500 loans but make sure to keep a follow-up the strategy so that you don’t miss even a single payment. Unfortunately, the negative factors impact your financial image severely and the impact lasts longer than a positive factor. It is important to keep financial things under examination all the time to maintain a clear perspective. Another way to gain perspective is by understanding the design of the loan and debts. Imagine this! Your credit history is like your office behavior record, a single mistake can easily outweigh the years of good behavior. Paying your bills on time is essential and cannot be emphasized any more.


Fortunately, the credit score can be recovered but a single missed payment can take a significant time to raise your credit score back to the standards. Sometimes it can take years to recover from a bad financial image or a negative credit score. Believe it or not but bankruptcy stays on the reports for as long as 10 years. There is no guarantee that your credit score will get completely fixed. Again the key tip is to never miss a single payment. So as long as you make your payment on time, you don’t have to worry about your credit score.

With the advancement of technology, today, it is easy, simple and straightforward to take an online loan. You can apply for a $500 loans now but it is essential to keep a strategy that will help you to pay back the complete loan on time. Missing even a single payment can leave a negative impact on your financial image. As a best practice if you have taken a loan make sure to set up an automatic biller for the monthly payment of the bills. In this, you can easily focus on the major task and become stress-free from keeping a track of the payment. Most of the net banking options give you access to set up automatic billers as well. The bills get automatically deducted on the date of payment. Lastly, you can check your biller periodically to make sure it’s proper working. An automatic biller can become hassle, if not a complete waste of time if not managed properly.





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