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Halloween is contraction of all Hallows eve, it’s the evening before All Saints or all Hallows day and is observed on October 31. The celebration marks the day before the western Christian feast of All Saints initiates the season of all hallow, that will last for three days, with All Souls Day in the end. It is a type of a traditional festival which took its birth with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain in ancient Britain and Ireland. As November 1st is believed to be the beginning of new year along with the embarkment of winter. And also corresponding to the date on which the herds were returned from the pastures and land tenures were renewed .


The day of Halloween interests people in lighting bonfires and they like to get attired in vibrant costumes to ward off ghosts .So the masks and the disguises were used to stay obscured from the ghosts of the people who have died during the year and who were believed to return to visit their homes .To stay hidden from the evil spirits, it was in those ways that beings such as witches, hobgoblins ,fairies and demons came to be associated with the day .This is believed to happen by the Celts as they  regarded that the veil between the worlds of living and the dead becomes blurred and the otherworldly spirits would come and cause trouble and damage the crops. However, they are a boon for the Celtic priests as people would throw themselves completely surrendering to their prophecies about the future. This event is then commemorated with huge bonfires, burning of crops, sacrificing animals and the entire aura is of an attempt to tell each other’s fortunes. The holy bonfires become the source of light to re- lit the blown off hearth fires of people to keep them warm and safe during the upcoming winters.


After the Roman Empire took over the charge of the Celtics, the celebration of Samhain clubbed with two festivals of the Romans; one of the festivals was celebrating the passing off the dead by the Romans and was called Feralia, while the second was in honour of Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees; the symbol of Pomona is the apple and probably that is why this amazing celebration of Halloween as inclusive of a tradition of bobbing for apples.

 Due to the inextricable mingling of masses from different European ethnic groups as well as American Indians, a distinctly variable version of Halloween began in America. It initiated in the form of celebration of the summer harvest by hosting public events like ‘play parties’; masses flocked into such galas and told tales of fairies witches, vampires and prophecy about fortunes as well as some stories of the debt. Besides they used to have fun and frolic by dancing and singing.


 Although by the 19 century autumn festivities were quite apparent, Halloween still was innate to only few locations. The popularity of Halloween nationally as significant celebration began only with dropping in of multitude of immigrants, specially the Irish. In the late 1800s Americans took a decision to consider Halloween, an event about a community and neighbourly get togethers rather than creating false fear of ghosts, pranks and witchcraft.

 As the popularity grew Halloween parties became most sorted after events by both children are adults flowing in the streamline vibrancy of Halloween.

By concentrating on the games, foods of the season and the very colourful and wonderful aww- striking costumes, eventually Halloween was free from most of the superstitious and religious overtones and by the middle of 20th century Halloween had become a secular community centred holiday. It became a symbol of parades and town wide Halloween.


As the Halloween became talk of the town there rose a big deal of criticism and vandalism. However, few great town leaders were able to put a safety net and stopped the growing complaints and eventually Halloween evolved into a holiday directed mainly at the young. The festival moved from the town civic centres to the classrooms and the homes.

 This also brought along the revival of a centuries old practise of trick or treat which was relatively inexpensive way for the entire community to share the Halloween celebration. Trick or treat means that small families used to prevent tricks being played on them by sufficing though, cute demands of the neighbourhood children by small treats. A new American tradition saw its dawn and it grew so much that there was no looking back. Today Americans spend almost $6 billion annually on Halloween making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday after Christmas.


Not only does the month of October bring with it a cooler gust of wind it’s also a month of Halloween and an extra expenditure for the families with young children; as now is the time to buy costumes, sweet treats and spookiest Halloween decorations, to enjoy the festive spirit. So, either there are tips which one must follow to spend less or there are ways in which people can get loans or financial help to enjoy the day.

 Most banks, online or on street lenders offer personal loans which is the most instant though an expensive way to get money to have a financial backup force, controlling the expenditure on celebrations like Halloween. One must be prepared well to face a repayment after the festivities. Therefore, from buying costumes to exorbitant decorations, unsecured personal loans can be sought after. The size of the loan varies from a few hundred to a few $1000 and the repayment period can vary from two weeks to more. As a pre-qualification borrowers need some form of income verification and proof of assets worth at least as much as the amount is being borrowed. There is a written application and then there is an approval or denial which is issued within a few days.

These loans can be secured and unsecured. Banks and credit unions find it convenient to lend secured loan where an item as valuable as the size of loan demanded, is kept as collateral. During repayment of the loan according to loan terms, APR is also applicable. So, celebration of Halloween needs financial evaluation of the borrower and his ability to repay the balance amount after the festivities as per terms of agreement.





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