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How do payday loans work?

Loans that are for short duration’s and don’t require any credit check are Payday loans. For which minimal documentation is necessary and made up of emergency circumstances.

The limit of loan that you can borrow is between $100-$1000 (which may further vary to state laws). The average term for this loan is from 7 days to 31 days as shorter the term, more interest would be charged. And the APR is higher in those states where there is no maximum limit of interest. Otherwise, mean APR is between 300% to 400% which can incline if you get to default to the payment.

The procedure of payday loans:

To apply for these loans, you can do it online from a lender’s website or visit your nearby storefront.

If you apply offline, in-person then there is no need to wait for hours even. Just by showing your payslips and other verification docs, you can get the loan amount on the spot. And the expected due date to pay off your debt would be your next salary date. For repayment: You need to write a postdated check to your lender which they can convert into cash on your salary date when you don’t go to return your debt to the store of your loan provider on the decided appointment date.

how do payday loans Work

how do payday loans Work

In the case of an online process, you don’t need to be present physically. Just fill the form with the proofs which are required to check if you can refund your debt or not via your earning proof. And then the cash would be credited in your account directly and the principal amount along with finance charges will be deducted automatically from your account. If you opt online option, then you must be sure about the lender (first check the reviews then apply).

Try to choose direct lenders where there is no involvement of any other party so that your verification process goes through a single party and to avoid the extra cost. Also, brokers or intermediates try to send you to the lender with maximum bid and make your loan more costly.


In what circumstances you can be disapproved for online payday loans:

  • If you don’t earn at least $500 per month
  • If your refunding requirements don’t meet to your salary that you can use (as per some state laws)
  • If you are working in an army.
  • If your bank account is new.
  • If your check is bounced recently
  • If you recently bankrupted


Can the credit rating be affected by payday loans?

There are 3 credit reporting companies: Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. And payday loans do not affect any of these agencies’ reports. Though these agencies can collect the information of your past payday loans (if any) and in future, if you want to take any big loan then the lender can reckon that history to check your background debt and repayment. So, this we can say indirectly affect your scores.

What are the ways to get out of the situation when you’re not getting able to pay off your loan?

Firstly, you can ask your loan provider if there is any offer, he can provide you with the repayment as if he can arrange some installments plan. If you want to do this then you should do it very quickly because the interest would climb up to a great number.

Drawbacks of payday loans:

The biggest demerit of this loan is that it’s very expensive. For instance, if you’ll take $500 in the case of some urgency with no credit check and security, and you pay $80 for only 14 days which means that you are paying around 300% to 400% of APR. $80 only for 2 weeks is so expensive if you’ll calculate annually. This interest would be nearly 18% if it’s for full-year but unfortunately, it’s only for a few days.

Sometimes, you feel confident that you can pay off your debt on time but forget about the interest rate and other daily expenses that you can’t stop. And then if you can’t pay off, no other option will be left despite rolling over your loan with higher rates.

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