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Payday loans have been very popular in almost all cities and states of USA to get instant cash. Urgent cash requirements come up every now and then and have to be met to keep the cycle of life working. Cash advances come handy in these situations. It has been surveyed that it is mostly working and middle class people who are making best use of cash advances, they have their security of salary and if they want to indulge in something big which they can’t afford towards the end of the month; they turn towards payday loans.


It is very important that you keep the interest rate and consequences of not paying the loan in time in mind when choosing these loans. So say if you are living in Alabama and want to take a payday loan of $200 then you will have to pay back $230 after the end of 14 days (which is the basic time frame of returning payday loans). $30 is not a very big amount if we see but if you calculate according to the amount of loan you took it comes out to be 15% of the total amount. Similarly if you take a loan of bigger amount; the rate of interest may become a little less but still it would be at least 13-20% of the amount loaned.

There are many people who take payday loans frequently. They understand the process of taking and turning money in time and thus enjoy its benefits to the most but there are some people who take the money in advance and spend it. Then when it is time to return it they don’t have complete amount to return in such cases not only they become defaulters but also they fail to evaluate their monthly expense. When they choose to apply for the loan; they only foresee the date that they would be able to return it when next salary comes, but they forget to calculate their pending and upcoming expenses.





How to choose payday loans in Alabama



If people don’t make these mistakes, they can easily return the money in time and will save themselves from paying a huge amount of interested on loan borrowed. As you extend the date of repayment of loan, the amount of interest increases and the returnable amount as well.


The government in Alabama has now imposed strict rules on lenders and buyers to check activities of defaulters and prevent lenders from lending money to people who seem incapable of returning the amount in time. The lenders have been strictly asked to evaluate the expenses of the borrower well in advance and add their monthly expenditure to it to see how much money they are left with at the end of the month. This will help them evaluate if the borrower is capable of returning the money after 2 weeks or not. These practices will definitely be helpful in keeping borrowers out of the debt trap of payday loans. If you are thinking of choosing payday loans Alabama, it is important you understand the pros and cons associated with these loans.