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Commonly, we go for holidays or present a gift to a special person on the birthday, but seldom it becomes stressful when you don’t have enough money. Not only this but as life is always unpredictable, you can’t plan anything especially in case of finance. If in case, we get trapped in any of such situations, then first thought comes in our mind is to take help from friends but what if they can’t assist you right away?




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Even as per the latest survey, in America most of the people are suffering from financial issues due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Small businesses are getting affected because of this and in such terrible circumstances, you can’t take help from your contacts.

To handle this, people with good credit history can easily get loans from bank but it’s worse for the netizens with bad FICO scores.
But, don’t worry if you are one of them because as per the laws there is an option of Installment loan with no credit check in the US. Let’s get more knowledge about this, further.

Installment loans are those in which we get the full amount at once and have to pay back in fixed monthly EMIs. If you have less than 630 FICO scores, then also you’re eligible for this aid. Though the loan providers of this loan will accumulate some other details such as – about your previous debt if any, bank details to check transactions and other basic information. This is just to get an idea of your financial operation.

There is one option of payday loans as well to avoid credit check but in that, you have to pay back the whole amount at once. So, if you are not capable to refund in single payment then installment loan with no credit check is the best choice for you. For this loan, one can borrow $100 to a few thousands of dollars and pay it in EMIs and it’s a personal loan that you can use for any of your chores.

Before picking this option, you must know how to choose an installment Payday Loans:

Understand cost: You must know about all the assessments that lender demands such as few loan providers charge 1-6% of origination fees and some charge pre-payment fees. So, be sure you are aware of all the costs and nothing is hidden.

Compare prices: Always pick the loan provider after comparing the rates as the APR varies from lender to lender. By comparing, you’ll get some idea at least that can help you to pick the best moneylender.

Choose a manageable term: Term is the time duration in which you have to pay back your loan amount and in installment loans, it’s about in how many months you can refund with monthly fixed EMIs. So, choose it wisely so that you can manage your daily expense too.

Lender’s reputation: From whom you are getting the loan should be genuine, so search a moneylender with good reviews and who is licensed.

In fact, with this installment loan online, your credit scores also get affected but, How?

Loans can affect your credit scores depends on how you handle them. If your credit history is not so good then this loan can help you to make it good. And for that, you have to pay all your installments on time as if you missed even one, then it can affect your scores menacingly. Hence, it can improve your FICO scores and even make it more worse so always keep in mind about the repayment plan before applying for the loan.

Things for which you have to b prepared while application of installment loan without a credit check!

As you don’t have to deal with the check on the history of your credits so it’s the way to handle any financial emergency especially when you face refusal from banks due to your bad record. Due to this, the cost of such loans is very high because it’s a kind of risk to the lender to lend money without any security and that too to a person whose record is bad so APR can go to around 400%.





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