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Standing in the Wilcox County of Alabama is our small city of Camden. The population of this city is a few hundred above two thousand as per the data that was taken a few years ago. The city houses the famous Wilcox County courthouse. In a small city like this, almost everyone knows everyone. So when you have to gift someone something that too becomes a matter of interest for everyone.

payday loans camden alabama

payday loans camden alabama

Recently one of my old and good friends gave us the big happy news of her carrying twins. The baby shower came in soon after. There are not many shops that offer registry service in our small city, however, the baby shower planner that was my friend’s sister took care of that by finding an e-commerce website that provides the service and delivers on demand. When I scouted for a good but reasonably priced gift in this e-registry I found I was short a few hundred dollars for almost everything I like. Unless I wanted to gift an old friend a few diapers I would have to look for some quick money.

Though borrowing from someone is a good option in such situations, I wanted something which I could pay back in a few monthly installments so that I would not need to skip meals the next month. When I asked about such options a colleague of mine suggested the fabulous payday loans. He told a few basic things like they are instant loans that you can borrow online and payback in one go or in a few equal installments. So I researched a bit more and found the below very interesting and helpful facts about payday loans:


  • They really are instant in the world of loans. This means they are not “apply and receive” in the blink of an eye, but after application, you receive the money within a day or two. If you have ever taken out a bank loan you will understand why this means instant.
  • They are legal. Though a few states in our country still have not given these loans legal status, our state of Alabama considers them legal with a few rules and regulations applied to them. These rules are generally related to the amount that a person can borrow and other terms related to online payday loans.
  • You don’t need to get up from your couch to get them. Yes, it really is that simple. Almost all the lenders that operate in this area have an online presence. You can visit their website and apply for a loan and also upload the required documentation there itself. The loan amount is directly credited to the account you provide while submitting the application.
  • They do charge a high rate of interest. Since they are instant in nature and are given out for a short term and on a small amount the interest is on the higher side. In Alabama, it is 17.5%. In other states, it may be higher or lower. As far as you pay back the loan on time this will not impact you much, as you have borrowed only a few hundred dollars, the interest accumulated will be quite less. However, if you let you loan gather without paying back on time then this interest can actually go much higher than the money you have borrowed.

So make sure you borrow only what you need from a state licensed lender and return the borrowed money on time. With this payday loans in Camden, you can save face among-st many friends like me or take care of a much more important and sudden expense.

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