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Looking at loan statistics of last few years, Legislation’s have together launched a new rule book for payday lenders. Its prompt rule says that no payday lender is allowed to roll back loan agreement more than twice. They are not supposed to keep an eye on their borrowers’ bank account in order to attain their repayment amount. Short term lenders have been granted enough time to bind up with these new rules.


Loan interest rates are almost reaching 500% every year leading to more financial problems for country’s citizens. Reports say that, payday loans are however supposed to help people facing immediate financial problems and those who are having low income resources in order to balance between finance and expenses. These online loans should be actively helping people who are not able to repay back in early times. Lenders will be banned if they will try to roll back more than two times and try to pull out their pay back amount with calculated interest from borrower’s bank account.




Time for payday loans to gear up with new lending rules



Continuous payment authority (CPA) loan collections for partial payments have resulted into people with almost no money to meet their spending. Lenders making regular use of CPAs to pull back their money from borrowers have ended up them into long term financial despair. So, new rule is stated that no lenders can more than two attempts to collect full repayment amount from debtors. If in these two trials they fail to get their payment then they can simply discuss accounts with borrowers.


Multiple payday loan borrowers are also kept into consideration. The chief executive of Consumer Finance Association, Russell Hamblin Boone has assured commitment of some big payday lending agencies. New rules will definitely cover up shortcomings of loan sector if FCA will limit rollover to one time rather than twice. The association is really concerned towards consumer’s financial health. It is stated in rule book that if borrower fails to pay in first attempt it clearly shows that he is in some economical difficulty. The second attempt is only allowed if it assures no risk on his financial matters anymore.

These rules are incredibly changing short term loans into real time credit check finance. However, over regulation may simply decrease the trend of payday loans. Because if rules will be strictly applied, both borrowers and lenders may look somewhere else for credit means leading to open market for illegal lenders. Over interest rates implied by named agencies Wonga and Money shop are shamed in last few days for asking more than 400% interest rates from borrowers.

Hopefully, these regulations will gain trust for short term loan borrowers.





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