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Know something more about small-dollar loans in Florida (FL)

Doesn’t matter where you are and who you are, life can give some sudden surprises that create a challenge to handle the situation. Florida, which is one of the largest states of the US and known for its amusement parks and the agricultural culture of oranges and vegetables. Among 21.4 million, it can’t happen that everyone is fine with their financial conditions.



Emergencies can occur when you don’t have enough cash in your account and the same happened with Cherry who was an employee of a store in Florida when her son needed some medical help to buy medicines of asthma and to pay the bills of the hospital. But she couldn’t get any support from friends and employer due to coronavirus crises so in the end, by surfing on google she found a door to exit. Thankfully, payday loans are legal in the state and she got aid from a reputed lender, though, the rates of these loans are very high but as she left with no other option so she applied for $500 on 304% of APR, that she had to return in just 20 days.

It seems easy to get a loan and use the money but the actual difficulty comes while repayment of money, too in a short time period. That’s why it is said to think twice-thrice before applying for a payday loan.

Let’s know something more about these small-dollar loans in Florida:

  • In the state, the average APR i.e. Annual percentage rate is 304% plus 10% finance charges.
  • One can borrow the amount up to $500 and this is the fixed maximum limit for all the lenders in Florida.
  • The term to refund the principal amount plus interest is 7 to 31 days.
  • No rollovers are there in the rule book of Florida. (you can’t refinance your loan and if default payment then the charges of NSF would be added)
  • You need to write a post-dated check or give e-access of your bank account to your loan provider for the repayment purpose and as the security of your loan.
  • Everything related to the loan must be written on the agreement.

What can benefit you if your thinking for payday loans in Florida?

Application process: It’s very easy and convenient that you can apply from any corner of the world. Just with the help of the internet, one can apply in less than 5 minutes.

Documentation: Without any heavy and stressful documentation, this loan application process works. No faxing and no paperwork, just a few clicks and you’ll get approval.

No credit check: Bad credit consumers who always get a refusal for the loan applications, can get the advantage of this as there is no check on your previous financial history.

Unsecured: No need to put your valuable assets on risk.

That’s how it works by providing some evidence of your identity, employment (as stable income is a must), details to contact you, proof of your citizenship, residential proof of Florida, and valid checking account details.

What if I get default payment and getting trapped into a debt cycle in Florida?

The State has provided various schemes for the people who get failed to repay their loan amount. There’s a 60 days deferment plan that can save you if you’re a resident of Florida and have taken the loan from the state-licensed lender, not out-of-state process.

According to the state law, to receive this 60 days deferment you have to contact only sanctioned firms, and no one else can help you into this. After getting this, it would help in debt consolidation even in the case of payday loans via various programs of debt management. The working of this program starts from the check on your whole condition and how much debt you have. After analyzing the scenario deeply, these agencies contact your payday loan providers for consolidation and this is how you’ll register to the repayment plan.

As a consumer, you must know about your rights:

  • No lender can put a criminal charge on you in Florida for not refunding the loan.
  • Small-term loans are for both, residents and people who are thinking to move.
  • You can get 60 days extra, if unable to pay on time. Though, some advanced steps have to be taken to acquire this feature.
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