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While working hard for making money people often an oversight and make these mistakes. Do you also have a side hustle that demands your complete attention? When the cash flow into the bank account is low many people turn to freelance and contract work. The side hustler or freelancing work often offer job flexibility, flexible working hours and it comes with limited rules and regulations. But, believe it or not, freelancing work especially those which are based on working from home requires more dedication, inspiration, and discipline. Moreover, you need the right attitude and focus to approach the work. Needless to say, there are pitfalls as well that can end up costing you your financial resources.







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  1. Quarterly Taxes: – First things first, did you failed to pay your quarterly taxes? If you listen to coaches who help the employees to work from home, the most common mistake side hustler makes it they spend all the money. Otherwise, they can save at least 10% of their income – simply by keeping it aside. Not keeping a certain amount of your income essentially leads to failure in paying quarterly taxes. If you are an employee, then your employer withholds a part of your paycheck for taxes, but while working as a part-time side hustler, there is simply no employer and therefore self-employed people simply do not save any money. The first thing that self-employed people need to learn is to maintain the right attitude toward their work, next always keep in mind the additional tax that you have pay which is on top of the income tax. Keep at least 30% of the earning aside and you will be good to go. It is essential to become people who have a habit to use their paycheck for paying their taxes, this financial practice often leaves them with virtually no money and they have to go to cash loan places in Las Vegas – that give them additional responsibilities. This means an individual has to focus on his life, work, freelancing and maintain their payment all at once. It can be a hassle for anyone to maintain that kind of focus for a long time. Yes, side hustlers and freelancers often have to focus more but still, they fail to estimate the taxes or do not pay enough taxes or sometimes pay them late. When you pay the taxes late you have to pay fines and penalties. Many people take loans to pay their penalties and then fail to payback. Many people are facing such financial deadlocks. It is best suggested to avoid any late fees and penalties by either taking professional help or following the rules of repayment.
  1. Stay Organized: One of the major aims of making a secure financial world for yourself and your family is by staying organized. It is the first step as suggested by financial coaches all around the world. If you are planning to continue with a side business then perhaps it is best to have a separate account for the same. Keeping a separate account will also help in maintaining the side hustler business separate from your primary work. In other words, keeping a business account separate from a personal account is the first step to a financially secure future. So what happens when you keep a business account and personal account the same? In this, the financial big picture gets blurry and all complicated. In the worse case, people run out of money and have to take pay loans to run their day to day routine activities. Therefore a crucial component for successful side hustling is to keep your account separate which can reduce the overall burden of tax and help you to stay organized. You can track absolutely anything and keep a schedule your tax payments easily.
  1. Cost Of Business: One of the single biggest mistakes of people who have a side hustle business is that they focus on the immediate cost and benefits. They often fail to recognize and also fail to take into account the long-term cost. Most of the times when people sell an item using their side hustler job then often say that they made $100 on the sold item. The focus here is the profit but they fail to recognize the time they spend to selling the item, electricity used by the computer and perhaps they have rent to pay as well. In other words, the depreciation of the assets is under looked need not to mention the regular wear and tear. This is just one example, depending on which industry you work for, you will be required to take certain subscriptions, licenses or certification. Getting late to pay the subscription may not cost you fees but will surely hamper your day to day side hustling activities. As discussed earlier many side hustlers go for online payday loans as well. Remember a missed payment can give you a bad credit score.

While doing a side hustler business is the need of the hour for some people, otherwise many people choose it because is benefits but it is essential not to miss on your taxes. Furthermore getting disorganized or ignoring the cost of running a business will defiantly affect your financial resources for the worse. At a point, you might have to take payday loans online as well for extra cash. You can leave all of this behind and move forward to make up a good financial resource with a healthy credit score if you keep up with your taxes and payments. Millions of people who face trouble in paying the monthly expenses are often more prone to getting quick solutions. Although there is nothing bad in using a credit card you must be responsible to take complete ownership to pay it back. Lastly, make sure you have a strategy that can help to return the borrowed amount within the scheduled time.





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