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If you are facing an onslaught of unexpected financial bills, quick cash payday advance loans can be a possible way of getting you out of trouble. Before you proceed with your application for a payday loan, it is important that you are well informed of its pros and cons. This would help you make an informed decision on whether to take the loan or not considering your position.


Payday loans are marketed by several other names. Quick cash loans, instant cash loans, accommodation loans, short term loans, no credit check loans and fast loans are all other names by which financial institutions market payday loans. Payday loans are basically short term loans provided to people without any type of collateral or bank guarantee. Credit ratings do not have an impact on the eligibility to get a payday loan; the only basic requirement is that the applicant must have a decent source of income through which he or she would be able to pay the loan amount back.



Quick Cash Payday Advance Loans Online


Going by the statistics, there are about 22000 financial institutions providing payday loans across America and collect $6 Billion in interest and fee every year. New financial institutions are coming up every day. Quick cash loans, in the past decade or so has gone up to become a $40 Billion industry.


  1. From an investment and a business model point of view, payday loans can be seen as very profitable. The term period is small, the interest rates are high and the loan caters to population whom traditional lenders wouldn’t even consider giving a loan.
  2. Inflation is increasing and the average income of the salaried class has not been able to keep pace with it. A lot of families live paycheck to paycheck, leaving them incapable of handling emergency financial requirements.
  3. The state regulations on quick cash payday advance loans are not very strict and financial institutions find new ways to circumvent the regulations every year.
  4. The loan amount is small, which brings down the entry barriers and easier to start lending.


  1. Easy terms and conditions
  2. No collateral required
  3. Loans are disbursed within one or two business days
  4. Bad credit rating is not a problem

Disadvantages of quick cash payday advance loans

  1. The interest rates and other fees are very high
  2. Payday loans can become addictive. Since they are so easily available, borrowers may be tempted to rely on them to handle their financial emergencies rather than curbing their expenses and saving.
  3. Even if you pay the loan back on time, it would not improve your credit ratings


  1. Start limiting your expenditure against your income and do so in a way that you save some at the end of every month. This would help you stay ahead in case of any financial emergencies and you would not have to rely on quick cash payday advance loans in order to take care of them.
  2. Cut down your expenses. Every month, we unknowingly spend money on things that could have been avoided. All such expenses should be thrown out of the window.
  3. Avoid using your credit card for any expense that falls below a minimum amount. This way you would understand how fast money is flowing from your account and you would think before making a purchase. You would never give such expenses a thought if you keep flashing your card everywhere.
  4. Pay your credit card bill regularly. Any interest that you pay is money that you could have saved. Paying the credit card bills on time would help you save more.
  5. Even though it may not always be possible, you should consider taking a loan from a friend or a family member before thinking about quick cash payday advance loans.
  6. Keep quick cash payday advance loans as the absolute last resort to get out of the ditch. This would keep you away from getting a payday loan in order to handle difficult situations.
  7. Check if you have an asset that can be monetized to handle the financial requirement. An antique clock, the bike that keeps sitting in your garage, a jewelry piece that you do not need any more can all help you generate some extra cash.