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You might not know that within the popular categories of loans there are a lot of variations which can make a huge impact to your financial situation. If you know about the broad categories and still can’t decide which options is right for you, these sub-types may be the one for you. Some of these options have been out there for decades while some of them are relatively new. Let’s take a look.


When you take out a loan with constant interest rate than it would come under a fixed rate loan. These types are perfect if you don’t want to worry about an increase in the interest rates in the future. this also has the benefit of easier budgeting in the future and knowing exactly how much you will have to pay for the life of the loan.

Variable rate loans on the other hand the complete opposite. Here the rates can change depending on the benchmark set by the banks. But usually there is an upper and lower limit above and beyond which the rates wont change. There is also limitation regarding the rate fluctuation over a short period of time.

Why would anyone go for this? if you have a loan which has a shorter term for repayment then this wouldn’t be such a bad option. variable rate personal loans have in general a lower annual interest rate then fixed rates. This is because there might be a chance that your interest rate can reduce over the long term and the banks may face a loss.




Some Lesser-Known Types of Loans Which Might Be Perfect For Your Needs





Think of these like personal loans which are taken out to control the situation of rising credit card debt. As you know credit card interest rates are pretty high and as you keep defaulting on them the rates also rise. Some people take out a personal loan to pay off their credit card debt and the only thing they will have to pay would be the personal loan which usually will be on a fixed rate. And even this fixed rate is usually lower than that of the credit card.


A lot of people don’t even know that this is an option for them. these types of loans are really helpful for younger people out there who might not have a credit score or might have a lower credit score. In this situation’s banks might not approve you for a loan even if there is an emergency situation.

Here a person can come and give a guarantee to the banks that in case you can repay the loan amount they will repay it for you. If you have a co-signer who has a good credit score, it can give you a better deal on the loan itself like lower interest rates.


This is a type of revolving credit which can be compared to a credit card more than your typical loan. In this you won’t be getting all the money at once, but you will have access to that amount whenever you need it. Whatever interest rate is being charged will only apply to the amount you have used and not what is left. This might be a good option if you don’t need all your money at once and it is an ongoing expense like medical bills for example.


You don’t always have to sell an asset at the pawnshop to get some cash. Pawnshop loans involved you giving away an asset as collateral for a loan which if you don’t pay back on time gives the pawnshop the right to sell the asset off. The interest rates are pretty high here but still they will be lower then a payday loan. If you need emergency cash for some need then this is not a bad option.

I would recommend going for this rather than a payday loan. As payday loans can put in a vicious cycle. Here you might lose an asset but if the need for money was severe enough, it wouldn’t matter over the long run.